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Program Features for Troops, Teams, and Crews, volumes 1, 2, and 3, bring together 48 features to help making program planning a little easier for unit and youth leaders. The mix of topics—outdoor, sports, health and safety, citizenship and personal development, STEM, and arts and hobbies—provides the kind of variety, adventure, and increasing challenge every unit needs to keep members coming back while also facilitating advancement.

First Aid Program Feature

Gina Stubbs, Troop 469, Kansas City, MO wrote:

For tonights meeting Fred had a stretcher lesson and relay planned. First the Scouts learned about the different kinds of stretchers that can be made while camping. Then they practice their skills and headed outside for a strecher relay race. After all that fun, they packed up their tents from the overnight and then played a game of Duck, Duck,Goose. Yeah you read that right!!!! What started out as a joke turned into a serious game. It was fun to watch and the boys had a blast!!! Well done Fred!!

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