Camping Trip with MANY Activities

Gina Stubbs, Troop 469, Kansas City, MO wrote:

13939491_127436051035778_2983403713634855494_nWell our campout at Van Meter was a lot of fun and we accomplished a lot. Fred, Tom and Jacob took our new scouts (and any scout that wanted to go) on their 5-mile hike. Van Meter has some cool historic hikes. While they were gone I built the “Scout Stave Wash Stand” model that the new scouts would be building once they got back. Joseph and Jordan set up the map and compass game. The Park Ranger came for a visit and took some time to teach our new scouts how to start a fire with a magnifying glass and how to make char-cloth. They learned the new Mark II square lashing and built their “useful camp gadget, played the map and compass game and enjoyed a fire building completion that night. To inspire them to expand their camp menus I did three Dutch Oven demos (they all got to taste everything and nothing was leftover lol they really enjoyed the new recipes!!) Sunday morning I showed them how to make “Omelet’s in a Bag.” Jordan did a great job teaching and guiding our new scouts through everything they were learning (and probably re-learned a thing or two himself) and I really appreciate all his hard work this weekend.



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